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"The success of a community is contingent on its citizens looking out for one another."

​This has been the guiding ethos of Gian A. Jones since he first got involved in his childhood community of the Rockaways over thirty years ago.

My name is Gian A. Jones, and I am running for Congress in New York’s 4th district. 

I was raised in the Rockaways in a single-parent household and was the oldest of three. A Long Island native, my mother proudly served our community as a public school teacher and always did the best she could with the modest means available to her. We didn’t always get what we wanted, but she made sure that my siblings and I always had what we needed. 

As a single-parent my mother constantly sacrificed for us; to give us the very best that she could afford. Now I’m proudly raising my son right here in Long Island, but today, it’s even harder and more expensive for families to provide a decent quality of life for their children and other loved ones. That’s why my run for Congress is deeply personal. 

Commitment to serving others and my community is not new for me. In my early teenage years, I learned the importance of community and giving back. My commitment to service started as an altar boy at St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church and as a youth volunteer with a non-profit organization named the Claddagh Inn, which helped manage food insecurity for some families in the community. These early experiences would help shape the person I would become.

Since then, I have dedicated myself to public service and have worked for several causes that sought to help the most vulnerable people in the community. From economic development to support for community policing models and criminal justice reform, I have tirelessly advocated for marginalized communities and local business owners. 

With rising inflation and a fragile economy, I know how difficult it is to stay afloat. As a business owner with over 25 years of experience in finance and real estate I know how to kick start our economy by helping small and midsize businesses grow and by creating more affordable housing. 

I also understand how to connect with voters from all walks of life and both sides of the aisle — something increasingly rare as our representatives in Washington become more partisan and less out of touch with the real issues that matter.

Long Island and our nation deserve someone who will show up every day and fight for them in Washington. A leader who isn’t afraid to pass bold policies to take on the unstable economy, rising crime, climate change, and immigration. That’s why I’m running for Congress.

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Gian A. Jones is committed to addressing the most pressing issues facing his constituents.


From healthcare and education to the economy and the environment, Gian is dedicated to finding solutions that work for everyone.

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